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Isomorphic Playback

Isomorphic Playback

Isomorphic playback allows the execution of gait tables without having to record the ID and position of every module. The system automatically determines where to assign Virtual ID's based on the position of a module in a configuration.

For isomorphic playback, follow these steps:

  • Click the Update button in the Connections section (this will remember the current configuration).
    • Ensure that there is no flashing red exclamation indicating an error.
    • The isomorphic numerical representation should show up in the bottom left hand corner of the Connections group box.
  • In the Order drop down, select Virtual ID.
    • This will assign virtual IDs to the modules which will remain the same, no matter what the order of the actual IDs are.
  • Record your gait.
    • This will record in the order for the Virtual IDs and will preform strange results if played back in any other ID order.
  • Save or playback the gait by preforming the above steps for the new configuration, an replacing the "Record your gait" step with pushing the green play button.
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