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Getting Started Mod Lab

Welcome to Modlab!


If you're reading this, then chances are you're a new student, or about to start some project in Modlab and you're looking where for a place to start. Don't worry, you've come to the right place!

Things you will need to know to get started in Modlab

Getting to PERCH

Modlab is located in PERCH, which is on the third floor of the Pennovation Center. The entrance to the third floor and the elevator both require card access, so make sure to let someone know you are coming so they can let you in.

The easiest way to get to the building from campus is to take a Penn Transit Shuttle. From 8am-6pm on weekdays, there is a special Pennovation Works Shuttle, which you can request and track by downloading the app on the linked page, or by simply calling Penn Transit at 215-898-7433 and selecting #3 at the menu. Ask for a shuttle from your location at one of the predefined on-campus stops (e.g. DRL, Franklin's Table, Bookstore, Pottruck) to Pennovation Works.

At other hours, you can select #2 at the phone menu or use the app to request the general shuttle. It works the same way as the Pennovation shuttle, but may take longer since the route may have additional stops.

Getting Card Access to PERCH

If you plan to work at PERCH for an extended period of time and will be working on a Modlab project you will need to get an access card.

To get your ID card for PERCH building access, send an email to Justin Nachea at jnachea[at] and cc Dr. Yim and your project lead.

Here is an example for the form of the email:

Hello Justin,

I will be working on the [project] from [date start] to [date end] and need a PERCH access card. My name is [name], Penncard ID number is [ID number] and it expires [EXP date]. I will be working through [date expected to leave]. I am working with [project lead name]. Please let me know if you need any other information! Thanks!



Lab Announcements

Please add to your safe senders lists. Lab announcements are sent through this list serv. Make sure you're on this list serv. See/email Professor Yim.

Safety Training

Before you start working in the lab, you must complete the online safety training. First, read the lab safety policy document located here. Then, complete the safety quiz and report back to your Modlab leader.

Mug shot

If you're a new Ph.D. student, we need your mug. Everyone gets one like the people here: Send your picture to Alexander Spinos to put on the website, or do it yourself by following the guides.

Other things you will eventually want to know, but might not have time for right now: Getting Started in Modlab - Part 2

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