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Download CK Bot GUI

Please download the pcan-usb drivers from Inside the, navigate to PCAN_Light API/Win32/ (even if you have an x64). For:

  • x86 (32 bit), copy the Pcan_usb.dll to your Windows/System32 folder
  • x64 (64 bit), copy the Pcan_usb.dll to your Windows/SysWOW64 folder

You can also install the PeakOemDrv.exe to get the PCANView USB utility.

Please uninstall any previous versions before upgrading.

The most recent version is 2.4.1, released on 9/6/10. Download the executable here: Attach:CKBotGUI2.msi. [If you have Google Chrome, you have to change the extension from .download to .msi. It's better to just open up internet explorer, where it will run properly]

To install, click on the link above. Select either run or save (if you select save, remember where you saved it and once done run the installer). Once the file is downloaded and opened, the installer will run and further instructions will be provided there. You are given the options of deciding the install directory.

If using old modules, (previous to 2007) use Attach:CKBotGUI.msi

Download the source:

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