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Conneting To Bluetooth

Connecting through ZigBee

CKbot modules have the capability of connecting to an external computer (e.g. a laptop with internal or external ZigBee).

To use the ZigBee, follow the below steps:

  • Plug in a ZigBee chip into a module.
  • Ensure that the module has power (battery or power supply).
  • Ensure that ZigBee on your computer is turned on or plugged in.
  • ZigBee should connect automatically.
  • The GUI should now autodetect the Bluetooth module.


  • Sometimes, if too many device are added, the software will assign the ZigBee module a COM number that is unsupported by the .net framework.
  • To resolve this, do the walkaround located here:;en-us;315539
  • Once you can see hidded files, expand Ports (COM & LPT). There should be a handful of grayed out connction configurations. Delete all that say COM next to them.
    • Be careful, this will detele all configurations for all of your serial devices. If you don't remember how to connect to one of the grayed out devices, don't delete it, as you will make the computer forget as well.
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