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Michael Park

Mike worked in ModLab in the area of isomorphic configuration recognition, distributed communication fault tolerance, and self-reassembly CKBot.

I am currently working as technical staff in the Advanced Capabilities and Systems group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Ph.D. MEAM 2009 University of Pennsylvania
B.A. Physics 2002 Vassar College

email: parkm [at] mit [dot] edu

Ph.D. Dissertation 2009 (Park)
Configuration Recognition IJRR 2007 (Park, Chitta, Teichman, Yim)
Distributed IR Fault Tolerance ReMAR 2009 (Park, Yim)
Self-reassembly IROS 2007 (Yim, Shirmohammadi, Sastra, Park, Dugan, Taylor)
Modular Robotics in Springer Encyclopedia of Robotics 2007 (Yim, White, Park, Sastra)

For fun, I like to play soccer and ride/fix vintage mopeds.

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